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Working Experience

Senior Business Analyst: Mobility & Transportation

BearingPoint GmbH

  • In projects on the digital transformation of the mobility industry, I work on a wide range of topics and gain broad methodological and technical knowledge.
  • In consulting, I learn the many facets of a consultant’s way of working as well as the details of the value creation process of a management consultancy.
  • Through direct customer contact in a variety of roles, I learn to adapt quickly and well to new environments in order to produce the best possible results.

HOCHBAHN-Train at Landungsbrücken Hamburg

Working Student at Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Process- and Innovation Management

  • During my time at HOCHBAHN, I managed projects such as the conversion to new operating methods and innovative pilot projects with AI technology.
  • Additionally, I worked in strategic process management to prepare HOCHBAHN for Future Mobility in Hamburg.
  • I got to know a very modern and agile environment in a large and structured company, which allowed me to gain experience with both types of workplaces, which undoubtedly helps me to quickly adapt to any environment.

Personal Finance Advisor

Self-employed, as a part of tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG

  • As an investment advisor, I have helped people take control of their personal finances and invest their savings effectively.
  • I learned various skills in the areas of sales, communication and self-organisation.
  • Besides that, I also worked a regular student job and wrote my bachelor thesis, which made me rely on solid self-organisation and time management.

Stock-Charts on a laptop screen
Town Hall of Oldenburg

Academic Assistant at OFFIS e.V.

E-Learning Game Development

  • At OFFIS, we developed an e-learning game with a team of three students to educate people about IT security.
  • My role in the development was to plan the development and design the graphics and images of the game.
  • Due to the pandemic, the whole team worked exclusively from home and thus learned the advantages and disadvantages of remote coordination.

Working Student at SmarAct GmbH


  • As a working student in SmarAct’s marketing department, I was in charge of designing promotional materials and developing marketing strategies, and was also involved in the company’s transition to a new website.
  • I was also responsible for the publication of an employee magazine, including the text, design and layout of the magazine.
  • During my work at SmarAct, I have constantly collaborated with various other departments of the company and have therefore gained experience in working with many different types of people and considering a wide variety of interests.

SmarAct Nanopositioning device
SmarAct Nanopositionierer

Academic Career

Audencia Business School
(Nantes, France)

  • Grande École Master
    • Major: Management of Digital Business and IT

It was clear to me from the beginning that I wanted to spend some time abroad during my studies. In order to gain intercultural experience and to experience life in a foreign country, I chose Audencia Business School, one of the best-ranked business schools in France. The focus on “Management of Digital Business and IT” was exactly what I was interested in and what I learned will definitely help me in my career.

Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

University of Oldenburg Logo with City-Mansion
  • Bachelor of Arts: Business and Economics
    • Focus: Business Informatics
    • Thesis: “Typologies of Cooperations between Startups and established Companies”

During my school years, I was interested in economics, but also in computer science. The choice of the subject was natural for me.

University of Hamburg

University of Hamburg Logo with Speicherstadt
  • Master of Science: Business Administration
    • Focus: Leadership, Operations & Supply Chain Management
    • Thesis: “Technologies for the Digital Transformation of Supply Chains and Strategies for their Implementation”

After my Bachelor’s degree, I wanted to move to Hamburg, as this has been the city where I wanted to start my career for some time. Due to the rather broad focus of my previous studies, I narrowed it down a bit to focus on the skills I need most for my goal of driving impactful innovation.


Young people working together

Member of AIESEC e.V.

Marketing Team

After my semester abroad in France and the great experience I had there, I wanted to give other students a similar experience.
AIESEC is a non-profit organisation that connects students with companies abroad and helps them organise their stay.
To make AIESEC better known, I support its marketing activities.

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